Peter Pan @ Great Ormond Street Hospital

​​​​​Safety - Rules of Play

Peter Pans Neverland

72 Meadow Lane


BT62 3NJ

028 3833 1114

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult/guardian for the duration of their session at Peter Pan's Neverland.

Children with an obvious injury or those showing signs of illness will not be permitted to use the play equipment.

Children must wear long sleeves on the play frame and we recommend that they also wear trousers.

No shoes by either children or adults can be worn on the equipment; socks must be worn at all times.

Height & age restrictions vary dependent on the play zone and must be adhered to, in order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all the children.

Jewellery, belts, watches & other items with sharp edges should not be worn when playing on equipment.

Food (including crisps, sweets, chewing gum) and drinks are not allowed on the play equipment.

Please also note...

Peter Pan's Neverland staff supervise the play equipment and help maximise your children's enjoyment from the play experience, they are not however a replacement for parental supervision.

NO PICNICS ALLOWED - We have a full cafe offering and as such we are unable to allow any outside food to be consumed.  Our staff will either confiscate outside food or ask for it to be put away.  In extreme cases a customer may be asked to leave.

Peter Pan's Neverland management reserve the right to refuse entry or ask any persons to leave the premises, with or without giving a reason.

We would ask our customers to report any accidents, no matter how minor, to our staff before leaving the play centre. These will be logged and are an important part of ongoing safety checks.